taught by Jehovah

This past summer my mom and baby sister were able to attend pioneer school together! I was so happy that Jehovah has provided them with support and companionship in one another as they served him full-time together while I was away.

It was a privilege to assist them each morning in getting ready and hearing their experiences when they got home. It’s evident that Jehovah has equipped them and trained them even further to be Christian women that are pleasing in his eyes.

When serving lunch I seen the extent of Jehovah’s care for his people. He goes to great lengths to teach, train, and equip his people to do his will.

Jesus’ words come to mind: “They will all be taught by Jehovah.”- Matthew 6:45


Summer, my mom, Shannon
Reyna, Shannon, Summer
the whole class!
my mom, Brother Ayala, Summer
serving the pioneers for lunch


My hope is that they are encouraged and strengthened to endure with joy as they give Jehovah their all.

This September marks my sixth year of pioneering, so I’m wondering- will I get to attend next year? We’ll see.

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