अधिवेशन का कार्यक्रम

We were able to enjoy this year’s convention yet another time.

In another place, in a different language—Hindi!

Back in California, I was praying about what to do next. One thing that I was considering was joining the Hindi field. ( I am completely intrigued by the cultures, cuisines and languages of South Asia). Before moving to California, I used to support a Nepali pre-group. This truly felt like the work of a missionary. I enjoyed the challenge of seasoning spiritual food to appeal to their cultural palates.

Even the approach was different. It was friendly, required to be sincere, and involved. Teaching the Bible was a family affair. Daughters, fathers, and mothers would gather around and engage in lively discussions. Return visits usually consisted of hours of talking, a delicious meal (curry! chow mein!) , and of course sharing Bible truths. I will never forget their enthusiasm for studying and how endeared they were to us, and us to them.

When I moved to San Diego, there was no Nepali, sadly. However, the local Hindi group did cover Nepali speaking householders. From then on I seriously considered moving to Hindi at various points over the next few years. It just seemed never to be the right time, and Jehovah’s direction was clearly elsewhere.

Nicaragua happened.

Nonetheless, I began considering it again when I returned home and thanks to Jehovah, was able to attend the convention in Hindi-anticipating that it would lead to a new goal at the most, and if nothing else, some really good association

. We enjoyed the refreshment and kindness of the brothers and sisters we met there, who were displaying a self-sacrificing attitude in trying to preach in this difficult language. I would also be reunited with my favorite twins, Ben and Barbara! We used to go to the same congregation back in Ohio. They have always been spiritually focused, but it has been heart warming to see their growth as they support one another pioneering and in a foreign language. They kindly welcomed us to accompany them and helped us to make arrangements. This was such a treat!

Barbara, Ben, and me on the first day
ariana and me reunited! she looked so gorgeous. also pictured: beautiful sister from hindi in ohio


recognize the speaker from the broadcasting?
my mom, me and Bonnie from Texas- sweetest sister!
Ben taking notes in Hindi
with my mom
my uncle put us in touch with the hindi group in philly- they showed us so much hospitality!
LA Hindi girls- so sweet
they were so nice! loved her garb
my mom with ben and barbara
barbara, me, and my mom


malaysian food, it was sooo good
beautiful sisters
us with lovely sisters from north carolina



We truly enjoyed the association of all the friends who with faith, made the decision to “step on over”. How Jehovah is blessing their joy. And thanks to Ben and Barbara as well as the rest of the Columbus Hindi group for showing us such a great time.

Did this experience lead to a switch to Hindi?

Surprisingly, no. Jehovah clearly had something else in mind.

I’ll share soon.




2 thoughts on “अधिवेशन का कार्यक्रम

  1. Paris, girl, the things you get me involved in…haha. But, I’m so happy you do. I’ve never met a girl that loves her mom as much, and in the way that you do! Your love for different cultures, languages, and people leads your whole family on many, many, adventures in Jehovah’s service. I remember like yesterday our entire family would call on your Nepali call with Chitra & Amber and their immediate and extended family. Our dinners, conversations, and Indian movies…and I could go on forever…
    The Hindi Convention was a wonderful faith strengthening experience. It was so nice seeing Ben and Barbara again. I was so encouraged by their love for Jehovah, young people giving their youth to Jehovah, it’s the best.
    And the friends, the hospitality, the spirit of love and the Philly Cheesesteaks…left a huge smile on my face!
    I could barely understand a word said, but the joy I experienced, the love we felt just leaves you wanting more. Wanting to do more…Girl, you really got our wheels spinning. Will your family step on over, let’s just say it’s definitely a matter of heartfelt Prayer! Thanks for insisting that I come and thanks for convincing your dad you needed me to come as well. Amazing Experience!
    And thanks to my mom who also has a love for languages and the spiritual inheritance she gave us all.


  2. Berry Sisters , what an amazing brotherhood we belong to.May Jehovah continue to bless your Zealous efforts.We are a large army of Sisters declaring the good news World wide..


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