a heart captured pt. 1


There is no denying that Nicaragua captured my heart.

When I had to come home, which I will soon recount, I managed to make it back with part of my heart. Yes, Nicaragua will always keep a piece of me.

When I refer to Nicaragua, do I mean the small land, hanging at the low end of Central America? Not exactly.

What comes to mind are the lyrics “its the people, not the place-it’s the heart and not the face“.

Yes, it’s the people of Nicaragua that will always have a part of my heart. A people kind, helpful, and genuinely loving. These beautiful qualities were heart-warming and I’m certain they were an extension of Jehovah’s loving care.

I came to Nicaragua to serve, to give, but what I received is invaluable– stronger, more deeply rooted faith and confidence that whatever you leave behind, whatever you sacrifice, Jehovah will more than make up for. Whatever you fear, Jehovah will protect you from. Whatever you endure, Jehovah will either give you strength or deliver you from.

I will always cherish the friendships and the time I got to spend there, as well as the lessons learned. I know, too, that wherever Jehovah directs a person’s steps, there will be more lessons to learn, more qualities to develop and refine, more people to be preached to, and more brothers and sisters to love and support. I’m earnestly looking forward to it happening all over again elsewhere in Jehovah’s organization.

But first, part 2 of the Nica trip cannot go unrecapped! Here it continues:

Upon my return to Nicaragua (went home for a little bit),  I enjoyed a vacation with the Swennekers,a family whose spirituality, conversation, humor, and candidness I really enjoy, from Australia on Corn Island, a tiny Carribbean island just off the coast of Nicaragua. This was not a buzzing resort. It’s a tiny, sparsely inhabited town. The locals are welcoming and truly love the land they live in. Their accents are unique and as sweet as the coconut milk they cook in. Everything truly is slower, nicer. I relished in the sound of the shore and island chatter. Many times, there was no electricity on the whole island. It was a time to enjoy creation the way I imagine Jehovah will soon give us the opportunity to do forever. Uninterrupted.



Holly took a surprise picture of my braids


Holly’s breakfast on the beach
Kaye relaxing-she deserves it
why do we find beauty in abandonment?


Shane enjoying the view


toes…at a bonfire..


corn island kingdom hall
mid week kriol meeting
holly and i


These are a few pictures to illustrate the time we spent in Corn Island.

To be continued…

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