Paris: Our First Assembly

This, I admit, was about the third time that I’ve attended the Imitate Jehovah assembly. Nonetheless, it’s a unique experience each time to hear the experiences of the different brothers and sisters, the personal touches they put in the outlines of their talk, to hear how its tailored to the needs of the Circuit, and of course, the association.

All of those things were magnified yesterday when we attended the Imitate Jehovah Assembly in Ticuantepe, Nicaragua. The talks were beautifully delivered in a variety of accents. Southern from the United States, English, Caribbean, and more. The varieties of cultures and accents added much spice to the spiritual food we enjoyed.

Brothers and sisters were interviewed from all over, sharing their experiences about how Jehovah has helped sustained them through various trials.

One interview that was especially touching was Patricia’s (say it with an Italian accent)

She spoke about how Jehovah gave her strength to endure her father passing away, and additional trials. Jehovah sustained her through weekly shepherding calls in that time. She was in tears, and had the audience wiping their eyes too. The encouragement? If Jehovah has seen others through difficult trials, he will see me through as well.

Patricia, in the red, sharing her faith strengthening experiences


I was also encouraged by Xiomara’s interview. Jehovah gave her the strength to raise two children (Norlan and Hayling) who love and serve Jehovah whole heartedly, despite persecution within her own household. Most beautiful were her simple and heartfelt words: “I love Jehovah so much, and I know he loves me too.”  It is nice to hear the heartfelt expressions  of Abigail-like women, who step up to the plate to serve Jehovah faithfully without the presence of a spiritual husband.


But these are not the only two who had a part. It seems as if the whole congregation did. Brother Perry and Brother Bechek did a great job on their demos.


Brother Bechek and Moises giving a demo

Managua Ingles also had the Watchtower study. Jeff did a great job conducting, and of course all of the comments were so well delivered.

Ariana giving her comment, holding it down
Gizelle, giving her comment, also holding it down
Me commenting


Managua Ingles before going on stage, nerves were high!
Managua Ingles after our Watchtower Study part

And now more photos:

The crew, starring Oren, who was obviously feeling dapper
Ariana, me, and Hayling
Ariana, Gizelle and me
With the two lovelies in lace. A sister made each of our dresses

Two buses there, and a motito, bus, and cab on the way back, and we were home from a day filled with encouragement, association with our worldwide brotherhood, and spiritual instruction at our first assembly in Nicaragua 🙂

3 thoughts on “Paris: Our First Assembly

  1. Paris, hearing the personal experiences are so encouraging, so faith strengthening. We know according to the Faithful Slave, Jehovah’s Great Day is near! Our Brotherhood is groaning together waiting patiently for Jehovah to act. But in the interim, we encourage one another to bear up, we pray for our Brotherhood and individuals, such as the ones sharing their stories to endure. We know our Salvation is near!
    With that thought in mind, I don’t see any glimpses of sadness. Just beauty and joy! My,how we can see who Jehovah’s people are. The love they feel, give, and share just radiates…
    Speaking of Beauty…might I add you look stunning! You all look beautiful…
    But keeping working on the inner person…the secret person of the heart. True beauty comes from within. This is so important as Jehovah’s Day draws near. You see, his eyes are roving about, searching through the hearts!( 2 ch 16:9) With humility and honesty, constantly examine yourself.
    1 Samuel 16:7
    But Jehovah said to Samuel: “Do not pay attention to his appearance and how tall he is,+ for I have rejected him. For the way man sees is not the way God sees, because mere man sees what appears to the eyes, but Jehovah sees into the heart.”+

    Keep sharing these encouraging experiences. Keep serving Jehovah with selflessness.
    I am so proud of you, you are so Beautiful inside & out. As our dear faithful friend with over 40 years of service to Jehovah put it ” Keep Walking on Water”. It’s imperative that you do not look to the right or to the left, keep your focus straight ahead on the Kingdom. Do not look at the Windstorm, it will prove to be a distraction and a snare. Love you…give our love to everyone.


  2. I would say you guys look just (pause)… beautiful, Paris might I say FLAWLESS in that red dress, just yaass boo, but then I would only be speaking of how inexplicably beautiful you guys look in those dresses. Jehovah never fails to encourage the brothers and sisters around the world, with the happiness and experiences of others who continue to serve him in other countries. He knows and understand we need that encouragement. Happiness seems to be you guys’ color. No words…drops mic! I’m so ready to come and visit! *dabs silently*


  3. Hey girls! I was captivated by your guys adventure all your pics and stories are inspiring. You guys got me motivated I’ve decided to move and serve where the need is great. The food looks amazing so when you all get back you better know how to cook a few of those dishes. A family from Jenkins Kentucky that goes to Sean’s hall there is coming to Nicaragua this week. Maybe you will cross paths. The Brothers name is Vinny!


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