Paris: Gratitude

The steps that we take and the goals that we set always stem from this basic desire: to give Jehovah our very best.

But every time we make the effort, Jehovah gives much, much more. I can only express my gratitude in return. What a privilege we all have in being just one if millions inJehovah’s organization. The sense of purpose, the companionship we have in our worldwide brotherhood, the way that we are molded to be beautiful individuals inside and out, all of it is a huge privilege.

I began to meditate on that when this past Monday, we had the opportunity to work at the Watchtower Educational Center. Formerly a branch office, it now hosts School for Kingdom Evangelizers. Lush green landscape, coconut trees stand against a beautiful backdrop of rolling mountains. It’s a beautiful place, truly.IMG-20160118-WA0012

Camera lenses rarely capture scenery the way the lenses of our eyes do. That’s just Jehovah’s design. But the pictures convey the idea, I hope. Anyway, just getting to view it was nice. Initially, I think the group said very little. Everyone just took it in. Everything was so green.

Nonetheless we weren’t there just to sightsee (though I paused my work on the ladder several times just to do so), so we got right to work.

Here we are cheesin’ just before it all started:


And here we are working/ taking pictures of ourselves working so that you get an idea of what we looked like while working:IMG-20160118-WA0017

Being shielded from the sun by the clouds for once: huge blessing
Nate and Mateo geared up and ready to work
because we’re happy




Eventually when it was time to eeat, so we walked up to a comedor (little restaurant on a porch of someone’s home) and ate. Then we took motito back to Bethel and hid under a big tree to sleep until we could again muster the strength to work. Yes, someone actually slept on the ground. The others on benches. Maybe I needed a little more practice before going to Bethel officially? Haha. This really is hard work!

Ariana and I returned for work on Tuesday, but had seperate assignments most of the day.

First, was window cleaning  in the residential rooms where the SKE students sleep. I loved seeing their neat desks stacked with study materials.  I want to be there someday! The sister I was partnered with also had a goal to go to SKE. We were encouraged even just being in their rooms cleaning and seeing them  as they walked around the property. Later, it was time to clean more windows on the outside of the building. And more windows. And more windows. I’m putting that on my resume. Time began to fly once I learned to do it, and later we got to help in the kitchen! I don’t have any pictures from Tuesday, but Jehovah willing there will be more opportunities for the three of us to work there again,as we plan.


In other news, Managua Ingles had its first talk in CREOLE!  It was so special to be sitting in the audience when the meeting shifted suddenly from English, to Creole. The CO gave the second talk of Sunday in Creole. It is truly a beautiful language, and I am ecstatic to start learning it, but even more so to see how Jehovah reaches the hearts of the Caribbean people residing in Managua.

If you’re curious what this language looks and sounds like, look for literature and videos on JW.ORG in “Belize Kriol”.

Here’s a photo of this historical meeting:



Until next time,



2 thoughts on “Paris: Gratitude

  1. Looking at these pictures and reading your experiences, brings to mind the New Music Video from the January 2016 Broadcasting entitled “I Give You My Best.” Sigh, it’s a real tearjerker…
    You see, I understand this is a temporary assignment, but I see the happiness in your eyes! I know you will have longing for these experiences. I suspect you won’t be at home much now. I love all the beautiful smiles, but your eyes say it all. Now I know it’s time to let my baby girl go. You are finding true happiness in Jehovah’s Loving Hands. Although I miss you so dearly, I know this is what’s best. Seeing you happy is all I ever wanted! My heart is at rest… May Jehovah continue to strengthen and bless you with the circumstances for full time service. We love you Paris Monae.


    1. Really glad to see you guys having a great time. Most of all we all know that it makes Jehovah’s heart rejoice. You gals serve as an encouragement to so many. When you get back you will see how excited the friends and especially the young ones are to hear about your experiences. Keep up the great work. Whenever you are feeling down think about that 805 traffic lol. Take care Paris, tell Arianna and Gizelle to clean their rooms lol


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