Paris: a belated update

The past two weeks have been exciting times of activity, with great support in the ministry and plenty of time spent with friends.

This week we are enjoying the Circuit Overseer’s visit. He and his wife come from Belize, and cover three countries and several languages within their circuit. Our treat so far has been dynamic talks,  questions application to our ministry, from Bible accounts each morning, and a refreshing perspective of balance and joy in an assignment like theirs, and all of ours.

a tired and great army. everyone worked so hard today
A break with fresh coco!



There was also a pioneer meeting this past weekend. This was not the one with the CO,which will be this Saturday. The talks from the elders and comments from the pioneers were so encouraging.


With two more days of the ministry, a public talk to look forward to, and the interchange of encouragement and even more excitement for the ministry,  there is still much more to look forward to during the CO’s visit.

One thought on “Paris: a belated update

  1. Paris, so glad you all are enjoying your Circuit Overseer visit. We also have the CO this week. These visits are encouraging, the spiritual buffet, the excitement in the air, the zeal and songs of praise are heightened…we are refreshed and strengthened after a week of special activity. How wonderful it must be to experience this with new friends and family. Jehovah’s organization is unlike any other. We serve the Living God. “Praise Jah! The salvation and the glory and power belong to our God” Revelation 19:1…the pictures are beautiful! We love and miss you so much. You and all the friends in Managua are in our prayers. May Jehovah continue to strengthen all of you and bless the ministry. Please extend our love to everyone.


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