Paris: the days seem longer

The days seem long and eventful here. Our days are filled with the ministry, study, and it seems, plenty of association with friends from our congregation.

It began with some Bible reading, and preparation for the ministry. We then got on the (wrong) bus, but soon found out and got off on the  next stop. The next bus we boarded was decorated pink, so of course I loved it.



Here’s an example of how packed they get. It’s unbelievable, and will bring you in closer contact than you care to be with sticky, sweaty strangers:


I always  laugh so hard on the bus, (and get strange looks for it) but its so hard to believe that the driver continues to let person after person on the bus, until people are hanging on to the rails and smashed against the doors. We really are packed on there, and if you need to make your away on or off, I’ve learned a polite “‘permiso” is a great way to get ignored and miss your stop. Once, when I was too embarrassed and uncomfortable to do amything more than that, a kind lady pushed me off the bus. (I doubt youre reading this, but thank you, because that would have been a long walk home). You have to shove your way on and off. The buses also go really fast, and brake unbelievably hard. It’s a lot of fun, albeit a circus. (No, really, a clown got on today selling chocolate, he was the second of four salesman who sale anything and everything from candy to parasite medicine). It’s difficult not to fall whether you’re able to find a seat or stand. (I got thrown out of my seat today when the driver hit the brakes, and have accidentally thrown some elbows too trying to hold on during those sharp corners. Also, I’ve stepped on a lot of toes, and yesterday someone threw a bag of water from the street on the bus so we all got wet. One lady was hit directly on her face! Not a single temper was lost.) The ride was long to a beautiful Kingdom Hall across.

Some of the sisters from this morning’s service group:




I had the pleasure of working with Fatima for the first time (pictured above with the royal blue shirt) She did a great job reasoning with householders from the scriptures.

After service and a (long) bus ride home, which we took advantage of and placed literature with passengers, we were invited over a sister’s house to watch Walk by Faith, Not by Sight for preparation for the meeting tomorrow. The sister lives right next door, maybe a couple of steps away. We enjoyed her opening up her home for us to watch it, since watching the video online was not happening with this temperamental WiFi.

Hayling came over to watch the video with us, and then showed us the away to get some (really good) pupusas. The walk to the bus stop was a little but of struggle because I was that full,but at least we walk off all of our meals! Honestly… We have to walk for everything and to go everywhere.

Here we are just before enjoying dinner that Gizelle so kindly treated us to:



The day has been packed, yes, but in the best way possible and there’s still the meeting to prepare for tomorrow as well as the ministry. There’s no more fulfilling way to spend time, and we are grateful to be able to do so.



3 thoughts on “Paris: the days seem longer

  1. Ok, the bus ride sounds hilarious. For real, I couldn’t stop laughing…so glad you are having fun baby girl. Sis. Alfaro says tell you girls hello tonight at the meeting.


  2. I can’t stop laughing thinking about you falling off your seat and everyone crammed in there and someone throwing water in the bus. Bwahaha! Adventures you will never forget.


  3. Ok, the weather is hot and sticky, everything else sounds so exciting and fresh, hectic but part of experiencing your ministry being enriched by Jehovah, I am so happy u are. enjoying a new cultural as well as a spiritual Festival. And thanks so much for sharing, keep it coming


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