Paris: everyone who has left houses…

It isn’t necessary to be far from home to experience joy in service to Jehovah. His work, after all, is on every part of the earth. We are all privileged to take part in it wherever we are. Still, their is a certain joy that comes from making sacrifices for the kingdom, leaving what you’re comfortable with and who you love, to share more in Jehovah’s work. By giving Jehovah the opportunity to  care for you, your faith and happiness will really be solidified. I’m grateful to have experienced it for even this brief time. 2 Corinthians 8:12 says: “For if the readiness is there first, it is especially acceptable according to what a person has…”. Jehovah knows when we are ready, and what we have. What I happened to have was the circumstances to do this. I had to accept his direction to do it. The sacrifice? By all standards I am a family oriented person. After long days, that’s who I longed to be with. Its only now, though, that I can say I have truly seen the words at Matthew 19:29 come true in my life: ” And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or lands for the sake of my name will receive a hundred times as much”.

Jehovah does not fail to care for his own, and he rewards those who make sacrifices with a willing spirit.

The sacrifice:


Me with my siblings at the assembley
Public witnessing with my mom These brothers were visiting from Germany


My Grandma, sister and a sister from back at home doing public witnessing now
My sister, mom, dad, and friend from my Hall in California

The reward:


Brothers and sisters from the hall we are serving at. They took us on a tour of Managua



Norlan, Heidy, and Enrique took us out for dinner. This was gallopinto (rice and beans), plantain, cabbage salad, and a huge piece if avocado. Like dinner with family.
Public witnessing at the bus stop in Managua. This is truly international work
Watching the broadcasting with the Calmets felt like family worship at home.


One thought on “Paris: everyone who has left houses…

  1. The Sacrafice: The calm after the storm…the commotion has finally died down. The house is unusually quiet. It finally hits me, your “long day in service will not end anytime soon. I will not hear the sound of your calm voice saying “momma I’m home”. My room is exceptionally quiet, I’ve realized your not next to me; refusing to leave my room. My firstborn, my baby, who absolutely refused to let her younger siblings take her place as Momma’s baby, so “that” you remained, even edging out your 10 year brother until now…lol. And now he’s not interested in the position. He’s too busy entertaining Summer. So as your younger siblings entertain one another, it’s very apparent my baby is gone. Yes, I know you’re not dead, and NO, I’m not mourning. But it’s a feeling that only a mother could understand. My daughter who’s so close to me, that sometimes I think even your dad was a little green with envy…lol. It finally hits me, your presence is calm, settling, your voice so comforting. I miss you…oh well, I will have to try replacing you with a cup of camomile tea…

    The Reward: You are being cared for by the best parent ever. He can do far better than we ever could. Yes, Jehovah, you’re heavenly father who you rightfully belong to is caring for you now. I am so thankful to Jehovah for his wonderful Organization and our Beautiful Brotherhood that an overprotective mother has no cause for worry. Too all the wonderful friends in Managua and your two Loving Roommates Gizelle & Ariana. May Jehovah continue to keep all of you safe, happy, and blessing your ministry.


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