Paris: It didn’t take long…

As soon as the plane landed, I felt the heat: humid and steamy. Groggy conversation in Spanish after a long flight filled the silence as we filed off the plane to Managua, Nicaragua, the subject of my prayers and day dreams for months. I had no idea what to expect, and I have to admit, tiredness dulled my anxiety. Twelve hours of travel and layovers left me with little thoughts other than reaching the destination. And that we did. It did not take long to feel at home,and that is ironic, considering what we encountered when we stepped outside of the airport. Im sure we resembled lost sheep as we refused dozens of offers for taxis as we looked for the brothers (this is a thing here, taxis pull over and ask if you want a ride, several times in minutes)The ride to the home of Elizabeth and Jeff, with whom we are temporarily staying,  was a reminder of how far from home I was. Reggaeton blared in the streets as cars paid little regard to pedestrians crossing, horses among them, as if other vehicles. I felt contented. But, there was little time to think. After my first taste of gallopinto (rice and bean mixture) at the cafeteria of a nearby grocery store, we were asked to do a part and still had to study for the meeting. Only Jehovah helped us to do so, fresh off the plane. I am not here, however, to rest, so we are eager to get to work( though the heat determined otherwise today, when we slept through the allotted time for afternoon service.) Service in the morning was so much fun. I accompanied Elizabeth on a study, which we walked to, and had a discussion on her student porch, which she had converted into a salon. She has beautiful responses to what she read, though at times I would stop just to listen to her Caribbean accent. She had two beautiful daughters, one was seven, the other much younger. Frances had a lovely little family, and such a big understanding of the scriptures.

It would also be out of character for me to go without mentioning the food. Elisabeth and Jeff have been feeding us very, very well, from crepes, to pasta, to pupusas. We appreciate their hospitality so much! We can even enjoy dessert without guilt, because we sweat and walk for much of the day.

Here are a few pictures from the first two days. I’m off to sleep until birds and cats start walking on th we tin roof and roosters start crowing. Also, I was just informed that the loud banging noises are mangoes falling off the trees. This has all been very, very amusing, but all the more so  spiritually enriching and faith strengthening.

5 thoughts on “Paris: It didn’t take long…

  1. You know, before you left, I had this strong turning feeling in my stomach. I didn’t eat for like 3 days, because of the anxiety I had from being away from you. Monday I had come to terms remember Jehovah has so kindly given you the privilege of being able to do something you desired for so long. He knows our hearts and our desires, this put me at relief. Jehovah has eased my mind, knowing that you are in good hands, and are cared for by our loving brothers in sisters in Nicaragua. He has eased my mind so much, I forget that you have left sometimes, it’s as of you are staying out for a long day in field service. I want you to enjoy this very grand privilege to the full, and come back so that me and you can go do it together. I love you more than words can speak, and no one can understand how proud of you I am, or how proud of the fact I can say to my peers how I have a big sister who is paving an example for me by giving her all to Jehovah.
    – I love you poopy head,

    P.s me and Darius don’t miss you that much… at least not yet

    P.p.s Bring me back some papusas…


  2. How exciting! The food looks really good. That is funny about all the commotion going on outside and on the tin roof over there. I have a feeling you are going to need to be very prepared for every meeting.

    P.S. Bring me back a cat. Lol


  3. Give us more Faith…
    “Help me out where I need faith” Mark 9:24
    Paris, your stories paint vivid pictures in my head of Nicaragua. I can hardly believe Jehovah is giving you a taste of what you’ve desired for so long. I didn’t know exactly how, but I knew he would use you. I remember our Family Worship On the topic, The Fruitages of God’s Spirit. Everyone unanimously agreed that you were not only loving and humble, but your Faith in Jehovah could literally Move MOUNTAINS. I love how you are using this blog to give others a vision of service in a foreign land, a 3rd world country. But not making it about you, your own personal memoir. It’s all about the people, others, and your experiences. We really miss you, but we wouldn’t want you to give up this experience for anything! Thanks for using this blog with such humility and a vehicle to encourage others. Everyone that I’ve talk to about your blog is so encouraged. We cant wait to here more…thanks for taking us on this journey with you. I admire your faith and courage and my prayer while our little Rock is gone is for Jehovah to “Help me out where I nèed more faith” Mark 9:24…We are so encouraged, our prayer is that we can soon join you as a Family, serving where the need is greater. Your blog and the Broadcasting along with all the encouragement from the slave is Faith Strengthening. Families Can Do This !!!!! Thank you Paris for being the 1st one of us to step out on faith. We LOVE You!!


  4. Wow Paris, it sounds very exciting! I am looking forward to reading more about the ministry over there. VERY ENCOURAGING. P.S. I miss and love you very much.


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