Paris: Strange things happen


Strange things happen when a bookworm and a basketball lover meet. Well….actually, nothing happens. Just passing greetings. Until, that is, they realize the love for Jehovah and the ministry that they have are completely on the same page. That’s pretty much how the friendship blossomed between Gizelle and me. And now, with just a month until our departure to Nicaragua, a whole different chapter will begin. My hope is to share that journey, and the many others to come, with you through this blog.

4 thoughts on “Paris: Strange things happen

  1. I’m so excited!!! Leave already so I can start reading! Lol I’m going to miss you both so much! Thank you so much for doing this. Now we all get to come along on your journey. 🙂


  2. When I think of you two, a certain scripture comes to mind. That is Jeremiah 10:23 “I well know, O Jehovah, that man’s way does not belong to him. It does not belong to man who is walking to direct his own step.” You two have embodied this principle. Both of you are radiant beautiful young women inside and out. Truly beautiful spiritual sisters. I love how both of you, despite having free will to use your talents in different ways, has allowed Jehovah to direct your steps. Right down to who you choose as “close friends”. Paris I know for you, this was really hard, especially being new to San Diego, but you stuck with it, endured through some loneliness, and prayerfully allowed Jehovah to pick your friends. You were OK with quality over quantity. Then along comes Gizelle, someone on the surface you seemed to having nothing in common with. But then, you kept in mind the most important thing when choosing a friend. A mutual love for Jehovah and the ministry. Both of you are strong sisters who have a fondness and respect for one anothers differences. With Jehovah’s help, that’s a lifelong friendship in the making. You both could be doing something else, but you choose to give your best years and vigor to Jehovah. You both are so encouraging. May Jehovah continue to bless your service to him.

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