i’m back!

Subconsciously I’ve been avoiding updating the blog for one reason- it’s been so long, and updating the blog would be so much to write. Yet, the longer I go without updating the blog, the MORE I have to write when I return to it. The ease and convenience of sharing whats going on through Instagram … More i’m back!

step on over

  What began as a visit to enjoy the ministry in a different place and association of new and old friends lead to something much more. I know it’s not just by chance. Setting the next goal and making the next move has been a subject of many earnest, heartfelt prayers over the months since … More step on over

taught by Jehovah

This past summer my mom and baby sister were able to attend pioneer school together! I was so happy that Jehovah has provided them with support and companionship in one another as they served him full-time together while I was away. It was a privilege to assist them each morning in getting ready and hearing … More taught by Jehovah

अधिवेशन का कार्यक्रम

We were able to enjoy this year’s convention yet another time. In another place, in a different language—Hindi! Back in California, I was praying about what to do next. One thing that I was considering was joining the Hindi field. ( I am completely intrigued by the cultures, cuisines and languages of South Asia). Before … More अधिवेशन का कार्यक्रम

a heart captured pt 2

  It began with a return to Nicaragua. The announcement that Managua Ingles would become wahn kriol kongregayshan just two months into the assignment made me certain that the three months I originally planned to stay would not be long enough. The householder’s response to our Kriol was incredible, and a fire was lit under … More a heart captured pt 2


In the months (and months, and months) that have passed since I last updated this blog- which has served as a journal of whole hearted service to Jehovah-it really has taken time for me to reflect on everything that’s happened, everything that has changed, and everything that is happening now. When I was younger I … More direction

Paris: Gratitude

The steps that we take and the goals that we set always stem from this basic desire: to give Jehovah our very best. But every time we make the effort, Jehovah gives much, much more. I can only express my gratitude in return. What a privilege we all have in being just one if millions … More Paris: Gratitude